In 1979 Aurora was in a lot of turmoil.  The company had been bought by MARX TOYS and the plant in West Hempstead had been emptied out and closed.  Aurora's R&D Department was re-located to Stamford, CT and all product lines were moved to Girard, PA.  Somehow, in the fall of 1978, Aurora contracted with PepsiCo to host a series of slot car races exclusively on the west coast to promote their line of G+ cars and put a spark in the hobby.  Aurora made what is believed to be 10 exclusive race sets to be used for the competition in different southern California malls with the winners receiving trophies and tickets to the Long Beach Grand Prix April 8th, 1979.  The following are some pictures of one of the 2 sets known to still exist. 

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The Hot Rod Drag Strip

Here is a set I think is rather interesting.  If I had to venture a guess as to it's desirability, I would rate it right up there with the Scenic Sets, the ROAD-RACE-RAIL Set, and above most tjet sets I have ever seen. The set is from 1962 and a few things make it quite unique.  The Hot Rods were just released and they are labeled Dragsters.  There are no curves, no power pack and no steering wheel controllers.  The instructions say to hook it up to your train transformer with the switch at off.  Set the cars on the starting line and switch on the transformer and let 'er rip.

Great fun and one of the first Drag Strip sets ever made.  The set also comes with the Judges Stand and Start Finish Pylons kits, as well as the vibe Hop up kit.  This set was used once and the blister is still over 9 of the 12 straights as well as the 2 Hot Rods that have been taken out.  

I have this set listed in my book but no pictures and here are some shots I took recently.  What do you think?  How often have we seen this set? I hae only seen this one. There is a tjet 2 in 1 set that has this picture only modified a bit to remove the kits.  Thanks for looking,